25-29 May 2020 Mahdia (Tunisia)



Complex Analysis and Geometry is an important traditional field of Mathematics having deep links with other branches of Mathematics such as Differential Geometry, Topology, PDEs etc. It was initiated by the seminal works of Gauss, Riemann, Poincar,etc. and developed constantly in several directions. Importantprogress has been made recently in the field and this has led to new insights intoto classical problems.

The purpose of the conference is to present some of these recent progress and developments in the field, with a special focus on Partial Differential Equations,Complex Geometry and CR Geometry.
The conference includes three mini-courses given by Filippo Bracci (Universita Roma 2), Jean-Pierre Demailly (Universit Grenoble Alpes et Acadmie des Sciences) and Emil Straube (Texas A&M University). These courses are designed for graduate students and recent Ph.D.’s. They will present some recent developments in Complex Analysis and Geometry in the broad sense, with the aim to give an account of classical and new theories and to explain some open problems. The participants of the conference will also include leading researchers in these areas and a large number of beginning researchers and graduate students from the Maghreb and other parts of the world. The exchange of ideas among the participants will stimulate further progress in these fields and will provide guidance to young participants.

One of the broader impacts of the conference is that it provides an excellent opportunity to graduate students and to those at the beginning of their career to learn and exchange ideas from worldwide leaders in these areas. The invitees include several graduate students and recent PhD students from Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria working in the area of Complex Analysis and Geometry.



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